The framed artwork  in the above picture is an airbrush painting that was created by David Elfalan in 1987. It was featured in the Northwest Black Pioneers Art Show during that same year held at the Bon Marché department store in downtown Seattle. Note: The Elfalan IT logo was not present in the original painting.

Tuskegee Airmen Drone & Robotics Institute

The video above is an overview of the Sam Bruce Chapter Tuskegee Airmen Drone and Robotics  pilot program which was held between 2018 – 2019  on Saturdays at the F.A.M.E. MLK Community Center in Seattle.

Experimental Research and Development

The Magic Drone Project

The 360 degree video on the left demonstrates the final result of the Magic Drone project. A Magic wand is constructed using a DLSR camera selfie stick with a Circuit Playground Express attached to it via it’s standard enclosure with a LED strip connected to it. The Circuit Playground Express is connected to a computer by a USB cable. A sketch program is loaded onto the Circuit Playground Express that utilizes its built in motion sensor to send a keypress command to the computer and lights up the LED’s when the wand is waved.  The computer is running scratch 2.0 using a block program that plays music, triggers the magic soundfx and sends random flight commands to the Tello drone.

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          Coming Next

          Use your mouse to navigate inside this 360 video to follow the movements of the drone in the demonstration.

          Remote Controlling a drone from a Different City through Zoom

          For this project we used an android device that is being controlled through a PC using the scrcpy, This application displays and controls your Android device through a USB connection.  This with the the use of web cams, allows the drone to be flown remotely through its native android app and the Zoom virtual meeting software’s remote control feature. 

          This methodology can also be used to control and program other stem robots that use an android app. It is suggested that a hardwire internet connection is used on the host PC.

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