The Carceral State (Hidden Victims)

The Carceral State (Hidden Victims)

What is the Carceral StateThe negative impact or interface within the criminal justice system – A discussion of the challenges faced by the hidden victims.

Who are the Victims?  Who are the hidden victims? Mothers,  Fathers, Husbands Wives, Children, Friends, and Extended Family Members

What are the Challenges? Incarceration, Over-prosecution, Loss of Income, Mental Health Issues, Broken family structures, Re-entry into society

What are the Solutions? Your Voice –  Ideas, and actions that will serve to make conditions better for the BIPOC families negatively impacted by the carceral state. We are all victims, however, our voices are rarely heard when the distribution of resources distributed to support our families fall far too short of the mark. Let’s discuss the challenges, the solutions, what work to create a brighter future for our families and friends.

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