Sean Goode, Executive Director Choose 180

Sean Goode, Executive Director Choose 180

Interview with Sean Goode at the Black Fathers March and Rally in Tukwilla Wa. 2021, THE BLUES REPORT 

Previous Interview with Omari Salisbury, Converge Media 

 “The World We Need Must Be Built By Community, Not Courtrooms.

Sean Goode

Yeah, well, you know, what really pushed me to put pen to paper was our organizations been working in partnership with several others, Creative Justice, Collective Justice, Community Passageways, and we’ve created a blueprint to circumvent the court system for 600 to 700 young people a year by having them get referred directly from the prosecutor’s office.

Everybody’s bought in Dow has allocated the resources to make it happen in the biennial budget and, and we’re excited to move forward. But as the King County Council is leaning into approving the budget, they’re getting a ton of pushback from people whose jobs are dependent on kids being in cages. And I just thought it was important that I reached out to the community through the Emerald and, and ground us in the power of our collective voice and really center around some areas where we could push forward in our voice to make sure the change that we need happens for our community.

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