Envisioning the Future
For the Last 35 Years

David M. Elfalan

Multimedia Artist , Technologist

Seattle native, David Elfalan has been involved with computer technology for almost thirty years. After graduating from the Atlanta Art Institute where he received a degree in visual communications.

Mr. Elfalan then worked for the Boeing Airplane Company landing apposition as a production illustrator where he prepared 3D Isometric Illustrations from complex engineering drawings using the then very advanced IBM CATIA 5080 Computer System.

He also assisted in improving and creating advanced record keeping systems for this division, using Excel spreadsheet and the Paradox database software.

Mr Elfalan is a self taught computer programmer and has developed software applications for the Amiga Platform, most notably Page Monster which was the Amiga’s first commercial Web page creation tool in 1997. Mr Elfalan has also created applications in Windows Visual Basic, and server side applications using PHP and Adobe Flash.

During the early nineties Mr. Elfalan decided to focus some of his talents towards
the needs of the community, especially those of at risk youth. This mission has been
one of the main focuses of his career for more then twenty years.

He co-developed a curriculum with J.C.Ephraim entitled “Basic Computer Skills Through Creativity, which was specifically intended to teach at-risk youth methods of conflict resolution and critical thinking skills through the utilization of digital art and music software, creating some of the earliest S.T.E.M. type programs long before the term was even coined.

This pioneering program was implemented by the Seattle Parks & Recreation’s Late Night programs, Central Area Youth & Family Services, C.A.M.P’s Rites of Passage, the Atlantic Street Center and B.L.A.D.E. (The Black and Latino Alcoholic and Drug Endeavor). Mr Elfalan also highlighted this program as a training at the Puget Sound ESD.

As an independent contractor Mr. Elfalan has done work for the City of Seattle, The University of Washington, the MidTown Commons SeedTech Computer Training Project sponsored by the U.S. Justice Department, The Eden Biotech Corporation, Youth and Outreach Services, AARTH ( African Americans Reach and Teach Health ), Sisters in Common and Bembry Consulting Services.

As an associate of Bembry Consulting, Mr Elfalan has worked as the IT Consultant developing both graphic elements and web based software applications for Clearcorps Northwest, The National Youth Congress Program and The Impact Theatre Project. Specifically the Tobacco Monologues which was funded by King County Health in partnership with CMCH (The Center for Multicultural Health) and APICAT (Asian Pacific Islander Coalition Against Tobacco). Also as an associate of Bembry Consulting Educational Multimedia presentations were created for the Washington State Commission on African American Affairs, African American Legislative Day Youth Track. Mr Elfalan also through Bembry Consulting has done extensive Graphic, Multimedia and IT work for A Safe Place Woman’s Shelter in Oakland California and the City of Oakland’s Parks & Recreation Department.

More recently Mr Elfalan has been contracted with Sisters in Common to create data analysis and tracking system which supports Sisters in Common with it’s Best Start For Kids and Healthier Here projects. 

Mr Elfalan has also created a digital Social Determinates of Heath Needs Screening. It was designed to help track and target the basic needs of Sisters in Common’s Providers / Client’s.

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