Feature List

If you a purchasing a Basic Web package you can select any 5 of the following additional basic or advanced Features to add to your project. Advance features may require some learning on your part.

Basic Features

  • Mailing List
    Up to 2,000 subscribers, Send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free

  • Events Calendar

  • Responsive Design-formats website for mobile devices

  • Slideshow/Image Gallery

  • Bloging Component

  • Online File Library

  • Searchable Data Table

  • Video Integration

  • Online Payment or Donations via paypal or crowd funding sites

  • Social Networking integration

Advanced Features

May require some training to fully utilize

  • Product Catalog( 10 item limit )

  • Downloadable Digital Product Catalog ( 10 item limit )

  • Video Streaming (on Demand or Live Streaming)

  • Batch Cell phone texting

  • Podcasting Component


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