The framed artwork  in the above picture is an airbrush painting that was created by David Elfalan in 1987. It was featured in the Northwest Black Pioneers Art Show during that same year held at the Bon Marché department store in downtown Seattle. Note: The Elfalan IT logo was not present in the original painting.

3D Animated Virtual Reality Video

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          This 3D animated video was created as a 360 degree Virtual Reality space.  When it is viewed in a VR headset you are immersed in the animated scene as if you were there. Elfalan IT Consulting will be using this Technology to create future educational projects such as an immersive Black History. To view the entire scene inside this web page move the mouse over the video, and hold down the left mouse button. Next, move the mouse to control the direction of the view. if you are using a cellphone, simply swipe your finger across the video. Press enable audio to hear the soundtrack. This scene is an excerpt from “Brother in a Distant Time” a personal 3D animated project created to teach my younger family members about our Family history and legacy. (View the entire short here)

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